Saigon Bulk Carriers Pte Ltd 

is a subsidiary of Saigon marine transport and human management co ltd. The company’s key trading commodity Saigon Bulk Carriers  Pte Ltd predominantly concentrates on general and dry bulk cargo such as bulk coal, ores (including iron ore, nickel ore, bauxite, chrome ore, etc.), clinker, tapioca chips, wood chips, and other bulk commodities. Providing the full range from Hand/Handymax/Smax/Panamax up to Cape tonnages in VOY or TCT operation, spreading worldwide service range including the Fareast, SE Asia, India, PG/Euro, and the E/WCSA.




As Chartering ship, Ship Operation is a bulk carrier in the world. We can provide the types of ships suitable for every kind of good With a rich experience, in recent years our company has made many shipments all over the world the main items of our company: Steel, rice, iron ore, coal, tapioca, silica sand, wood chip, round log, Raw sugar …etc.



We have a long-term relationship with the fleet project, work on most waters in the world, and help owners get the ship in accordance with transportation needs in the fastest time, and the most reasonable. Saigon bulk carriers Pte Ltd team provides ship 7000 dwt project to 33,000 dwt with cranes up to 800 tons. Whether with any size, Our company will provide customers with the earliest.



Over many years of milestone trading in raw minerals, the Company mainly focus on trading clinker, cement, limestone, aggregate, and round log too many countries in the world Moreover we can be flexible in offering good term and price to potential clients who firm strategy-commercial in a long time. Firmly in transportation dry bulk is one gold key to make more success with us when clients convenient cooperate








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